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Nez Perce

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Through The Tears to The Future

Tears fall for what once was and pride prevails for will come to be.
We owe it to ourselves, our children and the world to bring to light
the knowledge of our people. No more shall we walk in the shadows
of the 'white' man with shame, but we shall step forward into the
world with great pride for whom we are. For we are the gate keepers
of our ancestors and our pathway to our tomorrows. We are not a myth
and solitude will not be our friend, for no where in this world is
there such a place as this. Many of us will take the *path* less
traveled and leave our mark there. We have always been and we will
continue to be, long after the white man has gone our *spirits* will
remain. Someday the world will know that we 'The Indian Nation' stood
before them.



To show my friends I have a serious side to me , I wrote this one day when I was
feeling like I could change the world.May the Warm Winds follow each of you down
your paths in life.

I have a new voice to be heard .......mine!
I hope to preserve the wisdom of my ancestors for my children in the
face of the white world.
I want to reverberate the sense of place, generational family loyalty, with
the poverty and despair of the present,
the power of old beliefs and the resiliency of yet a
"Proud People".


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